Albert Figg

“Albert Figg was a sergeant in the Royal Field artillery. He joined the Swindon Territorial Army at age 18 in 1939. He was with the 43rd division and landed on Gold Beach in Normandy on June 24th. He was with the division when it fought in the hedgerows of Normandy and after the outbreak in the advance through France, Belgium. The division was in another major battle as it advanced into Holland as part of operation Market Garden, the combined ground and airborne attack in september 1944. That campaign ended unsuccesfull. Later in march 1945 another advance let them again into Holland, liberating cities like Hengelo and from there it advanced into Germany towards Bremen.”

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albert figg

Sgt. Albert Figg (1940)

Figg crew

Albert (far left) with his Gun Crew, Sgt Ted Keogh, L.Bdr Ted Hughes, Gnr ‘Lofty’ Brown, Gnr Tom ‘Swill Bin’ Parsons and Gnr Sam Nelson on exercises in Kent.

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Hengelo's Dagblad

Hengelo’s Dagblad

Dutch newspaper reporting on passing away of ALbert Figg (in Dutch).

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