Bernard Dargols

“On June 8, as a special agent in the 2nd Infantry Division (the Indian Head), Bernard landed on Omaha Beach with his band of brothers. He was 24.

His mission consisted in interrogating French civilians. Hearing an American GI speak French with a parisian accent and his jeep « La Bastille » (name of his childhood neighborhood) was very surprising and emotional for French farmers who reckoned Bernard and his mates as their liberators.

His mission consisted in going by himself only accompanied by a MP in the villages that were not freed yet to gather as much information as possible and go back to his HQ to allow his division to enter the villages and fight the enemy.

During a leave, Bernard got to Paris in his jeep and got back to his mother who he hadn’t seen for 6 years. Part of the family had been killed in the camps.

When war ended, Bernard went back to New York where he married Françoise and he had 3 children.”

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