Saturday 2nd

09.45 am: TOURNIERES: Ceremony “Shellburst” with Mrs. Susan Eisenhower, veterans, General John Nicholson and GI’s US Army

11.15 am: TOURNIERES: Vin d’Honneur, Mairie

02.00 pm: COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER: Salon de Livres at the Overlord Museum

Sunday 3rd

10.00 am: BREVANDS: Ceremony “Filthy Thirteen” honoring paratroopers 101st Airborne Division

11.00 am: CARENTAN : March-past with military vehicles and lunch or picnic

14.30 am: TILLY-SUR-SEULLES : Visit Museum and Salon du Livre

Monday 4th

10.30 am: VIERVILLE-SUR-MER : Ceremony Monument 2nd TAF with British veterans ( Leslie Dobinson )

11.30 am: VIERVILLE-SUR-MER : Visit D-DAY OMAHA Museum and Military Camp and lunch

06.00 pm: ENGLESQUEVILLE-LA-PERCEE : Ceremony near Monument Airfield A-1 with Pilot Jim Kunkle

Tuesday 5th

In the morning visiting the BBC-studio at the CREULLY – Castle, lunch and visit ARROMANCHES

06.00 pm: Dinner at the Ferme des Bénédictines

Wednesday 6th

10.00 am: BAYEUX : Cathedral Commemorative Service with the Royal British Legion

12.00 am: Remembrance Service at the Bayeux War Cemetery

04.00 pm: Ceremony Pointe du Hoc

05.30 pm: GRANDCAMP-MAISY : Ceremony at the cemetery near grave of Commander Kieffer of the 4th Commando, laying flowers . Assistance of bagpipers

Thursday 7th

00.15 pm: PORT-EN-BESSIN: Laying flowers near the monument of the 47th Royal Marine Commando. Assistance of the bagpipers

03.00 pm -07.00 pm: Visiting ISIGNY-SUR-MER and GRANDCAMP-MAISY , participation with march-past military vehicles. Dinner at the Ferme des Bénédictines.

Friday 8th

from 11.00 am: Sight-seeing with visits to the Normandy Victory Museum at CATZ and the U.S. Assault Landing Craft at CARENTAN with assistance of the bagpipers

06.00 pm: Performance of the bagpipers at Kaye’s recruting new members of “Deep Respect”

Saturday 9th

11.00 am: MAISY : Ceremony at The Maisy Gun Battery. Assistance of the bagpipers



June 3rd

11.00 VIERVILLE-SUR-MER: Visit Mulberry bridge.

14.00 COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER: Book Fair with presentation of Albert Figg’s book in French.

19.00 GRANDCAMP Dinner at the Ferme des Bénédictines.

June 4th

10.00 BREVANDS: Ceremony Filthy 13 Monument.

11.00 VIERVILLE-SUR-MER: Ceremony RAF-Monument with veteran Leslie Dobinson.

13.00 CARENTAN: Visit to bourse Militaire( Marché des bestiaux).

15.00 UTAH BEACH: Visit Ste Marie du Mont, Museum and Monuments.

17.00 GRANDCAMP: Arrival of the Seaforth Highlanders of Holland.

19.00: Dinner / BBQ at the Ferme des Bénédictines.

June 5th

09.30 GRANDCAMP: Performance Seaforth Highlanders City Center.

11.00 VIEUX: Ceremony Hill 112.

15.00 GRANDCAMP: Parade Seaforth Highlanders thought City center.

16.00 POINTE DU HOC: Ceremony and Parade near the information Center.

17.30 GRANDCAMP: Ceremony at the Cemetery for Cdt Kieffer and for Pilot N.Peel.

18.30: « Vin d’honneur » Salle omnisport

20.00: Dinner/ BBQ at the Ferme des Bénédictines.

June 6th

10.00 ST LAURENT-SUR-MERMer: Performance Seaforth Highlanders on the Beach.

12.00 BAYEUX: Official Ceremony CWGC at the British Cemetery.

13.30 ARROMANCHES: Visit to the City Center or sight seeing Vierville/ Mer.

14.30 CARENTAN: Ceremony Signal Monument and a visit to the « D-Day Experience »

16.00: Tour along the coast

19.30 GRANDCAMP: Dinner/ BBQ at the Ferme des Bénédictines.

June 7th

10.30 VIERVILLE-SUR-MER: Visit Military Camp and a tour in Military vehicles along the Beach.

11.30: Inauguration Info-plaque near the Mulberry Bridge.

12.30: Picnic at the Military Camp.

17.00 TOURNIERES: Ceremony near the Eisenhower Monument.

18.00: « Vin d’honneur » at the City Hall.